Madura Systems

Alongside with website design and development we also offer website maintenance and we specialize in updating websites that are built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, PHP and ASP. A website needs to be always fresh with some updates, a fresh websites help to get more traffic. Websites should not look old it should help in better communication with the business people and potential clients.

Benefits of website maintenance

To attract your targeted visitors your site needs to be updated and improved regularly. At the same time updating and maintaining a website will be time consuming things, if you don’t have enough knowledge in that. So to this job in a better way it is important that you hire a professional in this field, because:

  • They will have enough knowledge and experience
  • Quality of work will be higher and the work will be done faster
  • You don’t need to spend any money on the software since the professionals will have them.
  • Lot of time and efforts are save

Services we offer:

Our expertise team will do any of the changes you require quickly and without compromising quality:

  • Removing/adding content.
  • Design changes.
  • Adding new features.

For your convenience there are two maintenance options:

  • Single website update

    This option makes changes to the website as and when required. Before making any changes, we will provide you with the price quotation to help you know in beforehand the cost of your updation.
  • Website maintenance agreements

    This option is based on the contract. Based on the contract period we make changes to your site and bill on the hourly basis. This makes the billing process simple, and easy administrative process easy and to lower the pricing.